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R M PUBLIC SCHOOL has come a long way since its inception, establishing itself as a trusted and esteemed educational institution in the field of early education. Founded with a vision to provide holistic development to young minds, we have grown and evolved over the years to cater to the educational needs of children from nursery to 5th grade.

Purpose and Goals

School endeavours to foster Human Excellence through Competence, Conscience and Compassion.
To identify the Aptitude of the students and Mould their Caliber and Passion to become achievers and face the challenges of an ever changing and highly competitive world. To foster in the students a sound Value System and a repertoire of Life Skills to lead a life of happiness and contentment. To sensitize the students to make their Contribution towards the larger cause of Humanity and their Motherland with will power and strength.


RMPS Montessori School is a place “Where learning is fun". The curriculum planning; content design and development; regular academic execution, follow up ensure a value-based outlook while following a student centric approach. At the age of 3 to 5 years, children are still learning how to communicate hence play way becomes their preferred learning style. Our two-decade expertise in education has developed a system which recognizes every young child’s unique intelligence.
As we consider shifting the focus from teacher to students, the rest of the approaches from this list are considered to be student-cantered or constructivist. With the development of the educational sphere and society in general, the idea of a student-cantered approach has become more popular, and there are good reasons for that. Student-cantered classrooms include students in planning, implementation, and assessments. Involving the learners in these decisions places more responsibility and ownership on them rather than on the teacher. Also, teachers must become comfortable with changing their leadership style from directive to consultative. Meanwhile, students may work in small groups, access centres, and move about the classroom freely.